“I Didn’t Choose To Be An Atheist”

by Roger Browning

While testing a new social media platform, I encountered a woman who called herself “Baby Christian”. She felt God call her into an open forum to discuss all things in the Bible. The first few minutes were rather uneventful. I sat with her and made small talk: What’s your favorite Bible book? John. What’s your favorite Bible verse? John 3:16. How long have you been a Christian? About a year. Then, from what seemed like out of nowhere, the chat room exploded from three to 15. Wolves. Before I could jump in to help, the chat room was a plunder with anti-Christian rhetoric: How could a good God….?, Where was your god when…? What evidence do you have to support…?

Calmly, this baby Christian answered only what she knew, and answered with confidence, “I don’t know what you’re looking for but Jesus loves you”. The dialog continued for about half an hour and is certainly filled with stories concerning patience, morality, fallen saints, and a wealth of topics exposed as these predators preyed on a young lamb cub. But one comment hit me harder than most, and it led to some interesting reflection.

One atheist asked our heroin, “What made you choose to be a Christian?” Following a personal summary of Truth reflection, she turned the question back on her adversary: “What made you choose to be an atheist?” The rest of this post is my reflection on his response.

Does one “choose” to be an atheist? In a post here at ACL, Nate walks through atheism as a belief system. Nate, eloquently and purposefully, establishes atheism as a belief system. Rather than re-invent the wheel (an impressive wheel at that), this post will examine the antithesis. For the sake of this post, the assumption is atheism is not a belief and the statement, “I did not choose to be an atheist”, is the crux that will draw a pretty pointed conclusion.

As we begin, I want to draw on an interesting aspect of the story that started me on this intellectual pilgrimage…


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