Jumping Over the Evangelism Wall

by J Warner Wallace

I occasionally have the opportunity to equip and prepare groups to share the Gospel. Training of this nature is most effective when it is connected to a real life application. When we teach toward a tangible, upcoming challenge, the teaching becomes training. For this reason, the best evangelism training is connected to immediate opportunities to put the training into practice. We spend time in the classroom and then we get out on the streets and apply what we’ve learned. My approach in this context is really quite simple; I prepare Christians to take three simple steps to share the Good News:

Ask an Opening Question
Walk up to the person you want to engage and ask the question: “What do you think happens when you die?”

Clarify Their Response
If someone denies the existence of an afterlife, take the time to talk about the reality (and nature) of the soul. If someone accepts the existence of an afterlife (but denies the existence of God), take the time to ask them who or what determines where we go when we die.

Suggest the Christian Alternative
Explain the nature of our sin condition and our need for forgiveness. This may require you to review our failure to obey the Ten Commandments, prior to offering a solution to the problem. The point here is to illuminate our need for a Savior and then explain the plan of Salvation through the Cross of Christ.

Now take a look at the three step approach. Most of us, when presented with this challenge, are almost immediately filled with fear or anxiety. It’s not easy to share what you believe about Jesus. In order to overcome this fear, I spend a lot of time preparing people to navigate the second and third steps in the process…


Jumping Over the Evangelism Wall | Cold Case Christianity