Q&A: Engaging Non-Believers on the Internet

by Logan Judy

Hi guys! Love your ministry…I’m wondering what your opinion is about engaging ‘non-believers’ on the internet. – Mary M.

Much like interacting with non-believers face-to-face, the answer to this question really depends on the person, and the context of the situation.  The goal of an ambassador for Christ should always be to engage in meaningful, open-minded dialogue.  But much as our mothers told us that it “takes two to argue,” it takes two to have a meaningful discussion—if the non-believer isn’t willing to have that dialogue, and only wants to lob attacks at Christians or at Christianity, then we can’t force them to have that dialogue.  So to the non-believer willing to have a meaningful discussion, the internet is nothing more than another method through which we can reach more people.  To the non-believer who only wants to launch attacks and engage in an angry “Twitterbate,” the discussion is helpful for no one.

Think of it this way: Jesus had two very different approaches for dealing with two very different kinds of people.  He would often take time and teach with compassion those whom he perceived as being “sheep without a shepherd” (Matthew 9:36).  On the other hand, when he came across those who were only interested in discrediting his message with dishonest attacks and leading the people he was trying to teach astray (such as the Pharisees), he did not treat them as sheep without a shepherd.  Rather, he exposed them to the people as hypocrites (see Matthew 23, for example).

However, unlike Jesus, we do not have the supernatural ability to look into someone and see which of these skeptics they are…


Q&A: Engaging Non-Believers on the Internet | A Clear Lens