Weighing Worldviews: Naturalism

by Timothy Fox

Welcome to the fourth article in my series about weighing worldviews. In part 1 we discussed what a worldview is and in part 2 we answered the key questions that help you identify your worldview. In part 3 we examined the Christian worldview and I explained how I think that is the true worldview that matches reality. In this article we will look at another worldview that is competing for dominance in the West: naturalism.

The Naturalist Story

In the beginning was nothing. Or a multiverse. Or something we haven’t discovered yet. All that is certain is that it wasn’t God or gods or any kind of supernatural force since in naturalism, the natural is all there is (hence, naturalism). And then something happened which brought everything into existence – space, time, matter, and energy. Eventually stars and planets formed and then life inexplicably arose on Earth (and possibly elsewhere in the universe). Life continued forming and evolving until we have every kind of living creature in existence today. Where is all of this heading? No one knows. Maybe the universe will keep expanding until it runs out of energy and becomes cold and lifeless. Or it will all crunch back into a singularity. Only time will tell.

As you can see, there really isn’t a grand narrative of naturalism, just an account of what happened and speculation of what may happen in the future. So how does naturalism answer the key worldview questions?


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