Yet Another Reason to Believe Our Finite Universe Points to the Existence of God

by J Warner Wallace

If our universe had a beginning (if all space, time and matter came into existence from nothing), it is a finite universe. If our universe is finite (if it isn’t eternally old), we are obligated to look for its first cause, given the Principle of Causality (which affirms the fact that every effect, everything that begins, everything that is finite, and everything that is limited has a cause). But what kind of cause could account for the beginning of all space, time and matter? This kind of cause would, by necessity and definition, be an uncaused, non-spatial, a-temporal and non-material first cause. Sounds a lot like God, doesn’t it?

In an effort to avoid the obvious implications of a universe with a beginning, many naturalistic scientists, physicists and thinkers have proposed alternative explanations for the nature of our universe. Some have offered oscillating or cyclical models because these models offer a universe that has no beginning. Early versions of these theories described the universe as continually expanding and contracting over the course of eternity.

According to these theories, the expansion of the universe would eventually slow under the gravitational attraction of its own mass, resulting in matter flying past itself in close proximity as the universe contracted to a region of incredible concentration. The universe would then appear to “bounce back” from this gravitational cycle, beginning yet another period of expansion. This would therefore explain the expansion we observe in our universe without having to acknowledge this expansion as evidence of a universe with a single origination event (known as a cosmic singularity). Instead of a universe that is expanding from its single point of origin, oscillating models describe a universe that is cycling between expansion and contraction (we simply happen to exist in an expansion period for the universe).

But early oscillating models suffered from several evidential liabilities. There simply isn’t enough mass in the universe to halt the expansion we observe or to reverse it toward contraction.

In fact, red-shift measurements of distant supernovae reveal the universe is expanding faster…


Yet Another Reason to Believe Our Finite Universe Points to the Existence of God | Cold Case Christianity