3 Bad Reasons To Reject Christianity

by Forest Antemesaris

As a former atheist (and really, an antitheist), there were many reasons why I was not a theist (nonetheless a Christian). Usually when the discussion of Christianity would come up I would have a few pocketed arguments I would reach for when pressed on the issue. You know, the usual, “Well I’ve met some bad people who are Christian, therefore I am not a Christian” or even the “All religion is evil!” argument. Or, I would just mock their lack of what I would call “intelligence” for even insinuating that Christianity could possibly be true. However, the more I learned about logic, Christianity, and my own personal biases, I realized that I was not being intellectually honest, open-minded, or rational. Surely, many reject the Christian faith for many reasons, some I have held in the past and some I have not. But, here are three (of many) poor reasons to reject Christianity.

1.) “I’ve met some bad people who are Christian”

Nobody likes hypocrisy. Jesus was staunchly against it. In Matthew 23, Jesus is prescribing woes upon the Pharisees, calling them “hypocrites,” “blind guides,” and even a “child of hell.” These were the religious leaders of Jesus’ time, and they were hypocrites! Jesus even plainly tells them that “they preach, but do not practice” (Mt. 23:3). While hypocrisy is vile and detestable, it does not in and of itself effect the truth value of Christianity. If we are to judge a religion, we must do so by its tenets and by its claims. A poor practitioner of a religion does not affect the religion’s validity or worth. Being opposed to Christianity because of hypocrisy implies an understanding that there is virtue in Christianity, otherwise, the hypocrisy wouldn’t be surprising or off-putting; it would be expected.  Rejecting the Christian faith because of bad Christians does two things…


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