Apologetics Are a Means to an End

by Donnie Griffin

Sometimes I wonder why I, or anyone else for that matter, should be interested in apologetics. To whom or against what are we providing this defense?

At the moment, I’m not involved in a specific teaching ministry. In fact, I’m in between churches. After leaving a church where I was involved extensively in teaching apologetics, especially to young people, I am in a limbo of sorts. I haven’t continued to teach apologetics in an official capacity but I continue to be passionate about apologetics per se.

In this no mans land where I have found myself, I have had some time to search my motives, especially as they pertain to apologetics. Bear in mind, introspection is often complicated (at least my introspection) and most answers are a sign of my depravity. Hopefully though, there is a beneficial sliver of truth that is hidden somewhere in the messiness of my mind.

If you are involved in apologetics, I think it may be helpful to periodically spend some time examining your motives as well. If we would take the time to pray that God reveal our motives to us and seek the truth of who we are in the Scriptures, we would often be disturbed at just how rotten we are. We want affirmation and power and are extremely interested in promoting our selves rather than Christ. There are a few ministries in the Church that breed such a haughty spirit and a proud heart. I’d list the top three to be pastor, singer, and apologist, probably in that order.

On the other hand, when we get to the nitty gritty of what drives us, we also find a glimmer of hope. Placed in us by the Spirit of a gracious God is a new desire, another motive that is different and greater than the wickedness that seems to permeate our being. Our old man is being pushed aside by a new one and this newness of heart given to us by God (not self generated) frees us to become effective followers of Christ. It is not our motive but God’s will being played out in us…


Apologetics Are a Means to an End – Southern by His Grace