Case-Making 101: Is there Evidence in the Universe For The Existence of God? (Part 1- Cosmological Evidence)

by Teri Dugan

Why do we need to think about the existence of God?

We take so much for granted in our 21st Century culture. We have easy access to everything we need via modern technology, commerce and transportation. Prevailing science says that we don’t need God to explain how we got to this point in history because it is all due to the evolutionary achievements of ‘man.’

Atheists and secular evolutionists make it their mission to attack and vilify the scientific evidence presented by Christians (even though the science is solid). They make it their calling to teach our next generation that God is not needed to explain our universe, our world and life itself.

But what does the evidence really show us? Why are students in our public schools and universities not allowed to openly evaluate what current science discoveries are finding? If the evidence out there points more towards intelligent design features rather than random chance evolution, should it then be presented in the educational arena for everyone to discuss?

The (Kalam) Cosmological Argument:

Premise #1: Whatever begins to exist must have a cause. All effects must have a cause.

*Premise #2:  The Universe began to exist. All that we see in the universe, the explosive beginning and the fine tuned mechanisms, give evidence for a cause.

Premise #3:  Therefore, the Universe has a cause. Evidence of an effect implies a cause, therefore there must be a causer.

*We must provide evidence for premise #2 for premise #3 to be true.

Cosmological evidence:

The Cosmos

Scientists had previously assumed that the universe was static and constant, without a beginning.

As Carl Sagan would say in his 1980’s PBS show: The Cosmos is all there is, all that ever was and all that will ever be…


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