Helping Kids Learn to Ask Questions About Their Faith

Beyond Teachable Moments

Back in April of 2014, I shared how we were trying to get our kids into the habit of asking questions about their faith in order to assist them in making their faith their own (i.e. not borrowed from us).  We found a way to do this by piggybacking on the ‘Wonder Wednesdays’ concept that our kids’ school uses to encourage questions in the classroom.  Each Wednesday at dinnertime, we invited our kids to ask us questions about God and faith.  There were no restrictions on the number or nature of the questions.  We would then take the time either to discuss answers to the questions over dinner or research the answers and get back to them about their questions.

It’s been a bit of an eye opening experience for a number of reasons that I wanted to share with you.  There have been some positives and some negatives, and a lot of learning and insights on our part with this activity.  I’ve been trying to think about how we can improve our ability to keep the concept going and instill the habit of asking questions in our kids and as a family.  Here are some specific lessons learned from our journey in trying to develop this habit.

Our kids struggled to consistently come up with new questions

At first our kids were able to identify questions for us fairly readily.  This was exciting and a very interesting peek into their minds.  To be honest, the questions surprised me as well.  They were not ones I would have come up with myself.

However, we found that trying this on a weekly basis was didn’t work very well.  Consistently coming up with new questions every week was difficult for our kids.  It became obvious that the realm of questions that they considered relevant to God or faith was narrow.  They brought up questions about the Bible or theology, which was great, but they didn’t necessarily make connections outside of these into broader life.  This in itself was great insight for us on where they were at and how they subconsciously defined ‘faith’…


Helping Kids Learn to Ask Questions About Their Faith | Beyond Teachable Moments