Introducing Our First Group of Outstanding RC College Preppers!

by Sheryl Young

As many of our readers know, Ratio Christ has launched RCCP – Ratio Christi “College Prep” as a local club mentoring youth to face the intellectual challenges at university level. RC College Prep chapters may form in public or private high schools, Christian high schools or homeschool groups, churches, home meetings or even restaurants in a community. With Director Michael Sherrard at the national helm of this operation, Kevin Duffy is the Regional Director of RCCP in North Carolina. This program was a perfect fit for Duffy. As the minister of evangelism & discipleship at Village Baptist Church in Fayetteville, he had already initiated a high school apologetics ministry several years earlier.

“Our church ministry, ‘Living Out Acts: Student Apologetics & Evangelism,” (LOA) started in January of 2009,” Duffy says. “Two of our high school students had to do a multi-genre report on learning something new. They came to my office and wanted to learn how to do street evangelism. By the end of their project, they had led eight people to Christ. The project was over…but they kept coming. I asked if they would like to do apologetics (I explained what it was). They said yes and brought a couple of friends along.”

Living Out Acts expanded to a second campus over the next two years. During that time the church held apologetics conferences, and Duffy developed a relationship with T.E.A.M., the apologetics ministry at Southern Evangelical Seminary, where Ratio Christi was started. Duffy continues:

“At our conference in 2013, Blake Anderson (now RC’s COO) mentioned that RC was looking to start a high school apologetics ministry. After several conversations and a conference call with Michael Sherrard, LOA became a pilot program for RCCP. Today our RCCP LOA ministry is on four campuses, working on a fifth, has launched two RC Chapters locally, and we are pursuing an international campus in Honduras through a ministry partner (Ignite Missions)! My church is now a pilot Regional Launch Site for RCCP.”

We asked Duffy how he’s been finding so many students to participate in the program. “Our RCCP ministry includes students from a variety of churches from Pentecostal to Greek Orthodox and everything in between. It includes students from Christian academies, private schools, public high schools, and students from our home school community. These students came to RCCP at the invitation of other students and parents involved in RCCP.”

By the end of the 2015 spring school season, Duffy was able to identify five students who were worthy of Ratio Christi’s outstanding student recognition…


Introducing Our First Group of Outstanding RC College Preppers! | Ratio Christi