Post-Symposium Report: Great Things Happened! “RC Prof,” Historic Scrolls and More…

by Sheryl Young

We want to share a report with our readers about the great things that happened during Ratio Christi’s fifth annual Symposium and Student Retreat! The event gathered RC leadership, students, sponsors, and other attendees who wanted to learn more about apologetics and our ministry. It was held in mid-October, 2015 in conjunction with the National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA) led by Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Participants had the option of sitting in on two days of NCCA information-filled modules and then two days of RC-led breakout groups including exciting speeches, sessions and reports with outstanding speakers and experts who shared new developments in many fields encompassed within apologetics. Topics included the physical sciences, philosophy, history and archaeology supporting the Bible, American culture, world religions, legal perspectives, and how we can use all this information – combined with our faith – to be effective for Christ, not only on college campuses but out in the world for Christ.

“This annual gathering sets the standard for apologetic discussion from entry level to advanced apologetic topics. Each hour included many speakers and the most difficult thing for most attendees is choosing which lecture to attend!”
Mike Bossman, Vice President of RC Campus Operations

“This was the most exciting event in October. The NCCA/RCS is a wonderful time of learning about our faith as well as methods of getting the message to young people. Both biblical and scientific evidence supporting Christianity continue to increase rapidly.  For example, Hugh Ross with Reasons To Believe explained how scientific evidence is now showing that the ice ages actually benefited humans. This is another example of how God fine-tuned the earth …”
Ken Klos, RC Chapter Director at Florida State University

Here are some of the innovative and important highlights of this year’s event.

The formal unveiling of “RC Prof”

Ratio Christi’s newest movement is “RC Prof,” an outreach to college professors in which we attempt to encourage Christian leaders in academia to courageously be open about their faith  and learn how they can use it to influence the current ultra-liberal, anti-Christian culture on most campuses. In turn, this can affect non-Christian professors as well to stop forbidding the mention of God and Jesus by students in their classrooms. We held a Faculty Track specifically for professors during the Symposium.

RC President Corey Miller says, “If we can reach the professors and those training to be professors, they will have a different, faith-based influence in their classrooms for the span of their careers – an average of thirty years.

Toward this end, we have been gathering professors who are already blending their personal Christian beliefs in a balance with their vocation, and they’ve been…


Post-Symposium Report: Great Things Happened! “RC Prof,” Historic Scrolls and More… | Ratio Christi