The Poached Egg’s Greg West Featured on Soaring Eagle Radio

One of the privileges I have with being involved in apologetics ministry is getting to know some awesome people who share my burden. One example is Dr. Mike Spaulding (Ph.D in apologetics), pastor of Calvary Chapel in Lima, Ohio; president of The Transforming Word Bible Institute; and the host of Soaring Eagle Radio, on which he recently featured The Poached Egg (TPE) and an interview with yours truly, where I join the ranks of pasts guests such as Frank Turek, J Warner Wallace, Lenny Esposito, and others. What an honor!

I’m so thankful to Pastor Mike for this opportunity to help get the word out about TPE and the importance and role of apologetics in the Christian life. I’d also like to thank him for his ongoing contributions to our blog and the free publicity he has given TPE, via both radio and internet.

You can check out (listen or download) my interview with Dr. Mike HERE.