What is going on? Can you imagine if you fell into a comma and woke up in 2015?  Or if you had a Delorean and traveled from 1985 to 2015? So there’s no hover boards, but there are computers that fit in your pocket and boys that think they are girls can shower in the girl’s locker room. And they win awards for their bravery.

Anybody angry? Anybody feel overwhelmed? Anybody want to run and start a commune? Anyone ready to fight? Anybody just feel broken over the lostness? Hearing these stories causes a lot of different emotions doesn’t it. It’s a troubling time for many? And it has brought much confusion. What are we to do in the midst of all that is going on?

First, Christians we do not lose heart. And we certainly aren’t going to fear what is going on. We trust in a mighty God and our hope will not be disappointed. We are to be strong and courageous. We are to act. Jesus did not redeem us for irrelevance, So what are we to do?

The way forward must involve these three things if we wish to see our culture flourish once again. We, the true followers of Jesus Christ, need to clean up our house, learn how to defend our beliefs, and expose sin for what it is.

This excerpt from “Where do go from here” highlights the need for all believers to be able to defend Christianity, show images like aborted children, and tell our redemptive stories. — Michael C. Sherrard (from, Why You, Yes You, Need To Defend What Is True)