5 Reasons Why the Church Should Care About Apologetics

By Stephen J. Bedard

The moment I mention “apologetics” among a group of Christians, I get one of two reactions.

There are the apologetics fans who get very excited. They read every apologetics book, listen to every apologetics podcast and attend every apologetics conference. They are convinced that apologetics is the key to the effectiveness of the church.

Then there are those are turned off by apologetics. They may believe that people today are more concerned with experience and community rather than truth claims. They fear that apologetics, if effective at all, will lead to a passionless intellectual religion.

In navigating these extremes, it may be helpful to have a working definition of apologetics.

John Stackhouse, professor of Religious Studies at Crandall University, sees apologetics in this way,

I suggest that anything that helps people take Christianity more seriously than they did before, anything that helps defend and commend it, properly counts as apologetics, and should be part of any comprehensive program of apologetics.

Apologetics is about evidence for the existence of God and the historicity of Jesus. However, it can be almost anything that clears obstacles and moves people toward a greater openness to Jesus. But with all of the other ministries calling for attention, why should churches care about apologetics?

Here are five reasons why churches should take apologetics seriously…


5 Reasons Why the Church Should Care About Apologetics – ChristianWeek