A Skeptic’s Journey

by Seth McBride

I met Tim Stratton almost fifteen years ago, but have recently become friends with him when I developed an interest in philosophy. I attended the first semester of Reasonable Faith UNK and I have always been interested in science, mostly social science academically and philosophy recreationally. I believe my initial draw to Christian Apologetics came from the fact that these people at Reasonable Faith were the few I knew who were willing to engage in deep discussion and debate. Singling Tim out, he is intelligent and challenging and did not take the typical easy outs Christians seemed to usually take in a debate when I would engage in questioning the validity of their belief structure. If he did not have a ready answer to one of my challenges, he was willing to say, I don’t know or I’m not sure, let me get back to you. And then HE WOULD!

Initially the class was a mental sparing match. Many times I was the only skeptic in the room and I enjoyed the back and forth as I attempted to score points for the side of skepticism and agnosticism. I view the question of God’s existence, in terms of one’s belief, on a sliding scale. One extreme is absolute unquestioned belief in God’s certain existence. The other is having no doubt that there can be no God. Either extreme is where fools exist.

I grew up on the former extreme of the scale and slowly ended up somewhere on the latter end. I considered myself a skeptic, but through much discussion with Tim (as well as my own research) I began to question the merit and implication of such hard skepticism…


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