Apologetics, Ratio Christi and Luke 10:2

by Greg West

These were [Jesus’] instructions to them: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” — Luke 10:2

Christian Apologetics ministry is my passion and I’m thrilled to be working not only as the founding editor of The Poached Egg, but also as a member of Ratio Christi’s National Team—an eclectic group of scholars, pastors, missionaries, teachers, and laymen (I fall into the latter category) who share my passion.

The reason for my God-given passion is simple—like my friends and colleagues, Lee Strobel and J Warner Wallace (among scores of others I know personally) the Holy Sprit used apologetics to bring me to faith in Christ. But unlike Strobel and Wallace, I was not an ardent atheist who did not have a Christian background, but someone who was raised in a Christian home who, because of doubt, walked away from my faith in my early 20’s and became a professing agnostic who was mostly apathetic to the truth claims of Christianity and religion in general. That part of my story is all too common today.

My return to faith was gradual, but my recommitment to following Jesus was sudden when it came—and it was all from wrestling with worldview issues that God had lain on my heart and mind: The problem of evil and suffering, human nature (greed, dishonesty, and violence), naturalism vs. religion—these were issues that over the years made it increasingly difficult to maintain not only my apathy, but my agnosticism as well. I eventual came to the conclusion that the Christian worldview was the only one that made sense of what I knew of reality. After rededicating my life to Christ, I immediately dove headlong into apologetics…before I had ever even heard the word, let alone its definition.

For several years I was wrestling with worldview issues that Christian apologetics and apologists confront head-on everyday, and Ratio Christi (RC) is on the frontlines in apologetics ministry. RC has made a lot of strides in 2015. The following links are to short articles highlighting just a few:

Read about Ratio Christi’s College Prep Program (RCCP) here: Zoe: From Skeptic to Believer to Passionate Evangelist

Read about RC’s ministry to university faculty members (RC Prof.) here: More from the Frontlines – The Faculty Factor 

Read about RC International here: Aslan is on the Move – RC International

The Poached Egg partnership with Ratio Christi became official in 2013 when I came on board as a supported missionary and I was brought onto the national staff in early 2014. One of the most exciting things for me during this time was learning about the significant number of RC students and chapter directors first discovered RC through The Poached Egg—many of them without a prior interest in or knowledge of apologetics.

Folks, both the ministries of The Poached Egg and Ratio Christi operate on a shoestring budget compared to most other ministries of comparable stature and reach. It’s day-to-day operations are run by what is essentially a “skeleton crew”. The demand for RC clubs and chapter directors around the U.S. and around the world is far greater than our current infrastructure can handle.

Did you know that Student Secular Alliance campus clubs outnumber RC clubs by at least two to one? Right here in my own town, in the heart of the Bible Belt, Missouri State University has one of the largest campus atheist clubs in the country, and yet because of the shortage of trained chapter directors, MSU still lacks an official Ratio Christi club.

I run The Poached Egg (TPE), a full-time plus job, as an outreach of Ratio Christi on a part-time salary. God has never failed to provide for the needs of myself and family, but it has always been a financial struggle. I can do this on the budget we have but I’m not doing it as effectively as I can without help. Where we are reaching thousands and tens of thousands… we need to reach hundreds of thousands and millions.  Will you help us to grow and expand in 2016? We have an immediate need to raise an additional $1,000 in monthly support just to keep TPE going at the level that it is. This doesn’t count additional funds needed for growth and at least one additional full-time staff member.

Please prayerfully consider helping us today with a special gift or by becoming a monthly partner? You can donate online right now via my personal support page here. Thank you so much in advance. May all of you have a safe and blessed 2016!