BAM! POW!: Double the Impact!

Have you ever cracked opened an egg and discovered that it had two yolks instead of just one? It’s like getting an extra egg for free—or at least the tastiest part of an egg for free. Or maybe you’ve looked into your wallet and found that you had a $20 bill instead of a ten like you thought you had. It’s a pretty good feeling isn’t it? Well, right now and through December 31st, Ratio Christi has a matching donation pledge of up to $30,000 and your gift of any amount to the ministry of The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network counts towards that goal. The Poached Egg is just one small part of what Ratio Christi does. The Poached Egg (TPE) alone has a worldwide impact (click here to see a live map), but Ratio Christi is taking apologetics training in person not just to students and professors on college campuses in the U.S., but around the world.

RC is training apologists and students in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, and more. We are also taking apologetics training into churches and high schools with our College Prep program, and together with TPE—which provides a service to other apologetics ministries by pointing people to their websites, events, and other resources, while at the same providing daily equipping articles to parents, pastors, youth pastors, teachers, and laymen—well, about all I can say is that there’s a lot going on and more to be done and that I’m thrilled and thankful to be a part of this growing ministry!

But let me tell you, folks, that the devil hates what we’re doing here at RC and TPE. I’ve personally experienced intense spiritual warfare in regards to this firsthand. I’ve ran across one obstacle after another after another that should have shut us down, but because of people like you who are willing to give financially to keep this thing going, I’m able and blessed to keep doing what I do.

At the last Ratio Christ Symposium I was able to attend, I got to meet many RC chapter directors and students involved in RC clubs from all over the country, and let me tell you it is exciting to see how on fire these kids are to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to hear firsthand how apologetics training is equipping them to be confident evangelists! Here’s what just one student had to say about TPE in our comments from the blog:

Apologetics changed my life in a very very large way. As a college student studying biology I am constantly surrounded by the naturalistic mindset. I can remember the first time I read about the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus and put the “the gospels are pure children’s stories” myth to bed. Works of people like William Lane Craig and all the awesome articles I get from TPE on Twitter have been so crucial to becoming a real heartfelt Christian instead of just a “church sitter” as some would say. When you accept that Christianity is really true and you REALLY know it and feel it in your heart your whole life becomes absolutely changed. I will hold my Christian values in front of anyone and I will forever be able to “give a reason for the hope that is in me”. God bless ministries like this as we continue to share our faith with the world! KEEP IT UP!

This year, don’t let RC miss out on this $30,000 matching grant. Donate today online via our donation page here where your gift of even just 5 bucks will become 10, 10 becomes 20, 20 becomes 40, and well, you get the idea. Time is running out so please prayerfully consider giving a special gift or becoming a monthly sponsor today!

Merry Christmas to all of you!