We human beings are odd. We both desire just judgment and intensely hate it. This is why you’ll hear people rail against God for not bringing about justice, while in the next breath they call God unjust for judging people in Hell…Justice is terrible and good. We all know this. We love justice because we long to uphold the good. Yet we know perfect justice perfectly upholds the good, and so we fear it. It’s terrible (that is, formidable and awesome in its greatness) in the sense that true justice absolutely and unforgivingly deals out what is deserved. You can’t understand the Gospel if you don’t love justice…Our love of justice is a reflection of our love for the perfections of God’s character. He is righteous. He is loving. He is good. In the deepest part of us, we know that everyone who rips away at God’s reflection on earth rightfully deserves condemnation, and we desire the fulfillment of that condemnation. It’s when we recognize that this applies even to our own sins that we become desperate for grace. — Amy Hall (from, It’s Not Wrong to Long for Justice)