Why Every Christian Needs To Know About Apologetics

by Sarah Malcangi

There is no evangelism if we don’t have knowledge of apologetics. And that is why every Christian needs to know about apologetics! It’s not just for intellectuals or the elite because Jesus has called us to go out into the world and boldly speak of his great love. We know that Jesus is the only way to God but we need to learn how to explain that to others who aren’t believers. Also, how can we teach others about Him if we don’t know how to convey this love and how real Christ is? Here are some questions and introductory information about apologetics. I hope it peeks your interest to start digging a little deeper into how to boldly speak to others about your faith in Jesus.

What is Apologetics?
Christian Apologetics is the defense of the faith and derives from the Greek word apologia. While there are different methods most people envision two people debating over intellectual issues but it’s more than that. Debating is a form of persuasion but giving a reason why you are a Christian can happen at any place, even Starbucks. Further, there are different ways to state your reason for your faith and that can be with your own personal life experience, scientific evidence, cosmological evidence, and historical evidence. There is ample amount of evidence that surrounds us and while a great portion comes from the bible itself there is also a lot of exciting evidence for Jesus from outside the bible. Did you know that we have records talking about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection that are not just in the bible but are documented in other historical records?!

Why is every Christian an Apologist?
As Christians we are called to live boldly for God and that means speaking boldly about him. To be an Apologist means that you share about the hope of Jesus Christ. While there are different aspects to Christian apologetics such as science, moral reasoning, experiential, etc. it all points to the Lord.  It is our job to speak his truth and it is his job to soften the hearts and minds of the people you speak to…


Why Every Christian Needs to Know About Apologetics