Apologetics for Cats: Clever Clickbait or Savvy Strategy?

Apologetics Road Trip

“Apologetics for Cats” emerged out of a {frustrated} brainstorm session while I was puzzling over the state of apologetics in the Church.

(So, of course I’m not actually going to write apologetics for cats – but see below.)

When I started this blogging journey, I noticed at once that there is a lot of creative, engaging apologetics content out there.

And, yet…

Even cat videos do better than Apologetics debates!
Even the big name faith defenders, aka, the Million Dollar Apologists, tend to have a mere few hundred to a few thousand “likes” on their videos and blog posts. {What chance do we One Dollar Apologists have??}

Popular science sites have ten times that; and, not surprisingly, entertainment, sport, and celebrity sites run close to a million views. Even cat videos do better than apologetics debates on, say, the origin and meaning of life!! {The two million cat videos on YouTube average something like 12K views each.}

Why aren’t more people using these resources?
Why is the Church ignoring these hard-won faith-defending resources?? Why aren’t more ordinary people engaging with the content?

Spoiler alert: I don’t have the answer
I have some guesses, but I haven’t solved the puzzle. Maybe there’s a question we’re missing? If people really are looking for cats and not the meaning of life, what can we do? We can’t say, “Here, read this book!” all day long – but what can we say instead?

My first Dead End
A year ago, confident and hopeful, I started this blog, excitedly heading down the Internet Highway to find and share useful apologetics content. I reasoned that if I could point busy, overwhelmed Christians to satisfying, field-tested answers, they’d confidently engage their neighbors on tough questions about faith. Conversion stories would begin to trickle in, Christians would grow bolder, hard-working apologists would be appreciated…


Apologetics for Cats: Clever Clickbait or Savvy Strategy? – Apologetics Road Trip