“Dear Angry Atheist…”

by Dave Gipson

Dear Angry Atheist,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for quite a while now. I’ve heard your feelings about my beliefs quite clearly – from your Facebook posts, your arguments in person, and your comments on some of my own articles and blogs. I realize that not all atheists are angry, but the level of aggression you exude makes it quite clear you are.

You communicate your feelings about “people of faith” pretty clearly. And I have resisted the urge to respond to them…until now. But at the risk of sounding harsh, I think you deserve a little pushback now.

So to make sure I’m reading you loud and clear, the following is what I’ve learned from you about “all Christians”, followed by what many Christians wish you understood. I apologize ahead of time, as I’m quite sure you will find much of it offensive. That’s not my intention, but it is hard to answer…forgive me…rather ignorant attacks without making your attacker sound ignorant. Again, I apologize (we Christians tend to do that a lot, I guess).

I did try to write in a language most atheists would understand – Contemporary Snark. Again, I apologize for this (we Christians tend to do that a lot).

Here’s what I have learned about Christians from your comments…

“We’re all hypocrites”

You seem to take particular glee in pointing out how imperfect we people of faith are. You mention that we don’t live up to everything we say we believe. You perceive this as a flaw, but I see it as quite noble.

It’s easy not to be a hypocrite if you don’t stand for anything lofty in the first place. If you aim at nothing, you’re very likely to hit it on a consistent basis…


“Dear Angry Atheist…” | DAVE GIPSON