Militant Atheism’s Hypocrisy Problem in 8 Points

Faith Rub

I am not going after all atheists, my claim is against militant atheists because there are more humble atheists than militant atheists as there are more humble Christians than radical fundamentalist Christians.

Though many non militant atheists may identify with some of these views. I am not calling you hypocritical if you do. However, I would urge you to examine the consistency of these views if you do hold some of them.

There are a number of widely held core beliefs and actions among the militant atheist community that are hypocritical. See below…

1. Proof

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: You can only believe something you can prove… it is literally crazy to believe in things which you cannot prove. It is fantasy.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: You can’t prove that there is no God. But it is rational to believe there is no God.

2. Black and White Thinking

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: Religious people see things in black and white, while in reality there are many shades of gray.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: There are two groups of people, religious people and non-religious people. Religious people are irrational, foolish, emotionally needy, and gullible. We on the other hand are rational, enlightened, intelligent, and intellectually humble truth seekers (<- black and white thinking).

3. Sophistry

Militant Atheist Belief/Action: Religious people use wordplay and other tricky techniques to hide the rationally suspect nature of their views.

Inconsistent Belief/Action: Atheism is defined as… or we have recently re-defined it as, “the lack of belief in God.”

Since it is just a lack of belief and technically not a belief itself, we can therefore hold it without having to give evidence for it.

We don’t have to give reasons for our belief that there is no God because of the way we have defined atheism.

Did I mention we don’t actually assert that there is no God? This way we don’t have to give evidence or reason for our belief.

And atheism is just the default position so we can just take it for granted without needing to have evidence or argument for it.

Oh, and believers in God, unlike people who believe that there is no God do have to give evidence and arguments for their positions.

This is because they have a “belief,” in debates, we don’t even admit that we believe there is no God. Of course not, because this belief would require rational justification.

We simply “lack a belief,” keeping us immune from resting our belief on reason and evidence. Did I mention that religion is irrational because it cannot rest itself on reason and evidence?…


Militant Atheism’s Hypocrisy Problem in 8 Points | When Faith Gives Reason a Back Rub