My Own Testimony: Why Evangelism and Apologetics Can’t Be Separated From Each Other

by Eric Chabot

Over the years, I have seen more than enough debates on the proper relationship between evangelism and apologetics. I have listed many of the objections I’ve heard on  college campuses.  Some say we should just preach the Gospel and not try to argue or debate with people. Other say apologetics is a form of pre evangelism. I can only speak from my own experiences. I really have never made a separation between the two and here’s why: There is no need to! I have made presentations of the Gospel and at the same time answered many objections and provided reasons for the truthfulness of the Christian faith all in one conversation. Let me give some examples from some of my evangelistic discussions  last week:

#1: Muslim conversation:

I was speaking to a Muslim in our downtown area where I live.  This Muslim was part of the group Ask a Muslim which is a very aggressive evangelistic organization. The very first thing he said to me was “Explain the Trinity to me.” Now, I did do this and then it led him to ask me a host of other questions such as:

“Where did Jesus say he was God?”

“How come the Gospels don’t provide more info about the childhood of Jesus?”

I answered most of these objections and also shared the Gospel in several formats. I even read Isaiah 53 to the Muslim in which he said “Jesus sounds weak.”

#2: Spiritualist:

This young man said he believed he was one with the universe and wouldn’t put a name on God or be labeled with any faith tradition. So when I asked him how he knew what he believed was true, he said…


My Own Testimony: Why Evangelism and Apologetics Can’t Be Separated From Each Other