What is it About Apologetics That We Do Not Understand?

by Rob Lundberg

“What am I apologizing for about my faith?” “Don’t you know that you cannot argue someone into the Kingdom of Heaven?” “I don’t need apologetics!” “We don’t need apologetics training in our church.” 

Ever hear objections like these about apologetics? These are just a few of several that I will not answer in this posting.  All I will say is that when an objection is made against apologetics, the person making the objection now has the burden of proof on them to defend that position.  In other words they have to “give an answer back” as to why they believe their objection is true.

Now that my “health button” has been reset, I wanted to go back to the some basics and share with you a few ways to understand why apologetics is necessary in our present day.  For the purposes of this posting, I am going to address the subject by defining what we mean by apologetics and then show two important practical aspects for the believer and for the church at large.

I have been seeing a lot of my colleagues posting on the social media similar messages to what I am seeking to accomplish here. I really believe that it is high time for believers, in light of the culture, to understand this necessary “spiritual discipline” in light of all that is going on in the culture and in the church…


The Real Issue: What is it About Apologetics That We Do Not Understand?