Why the Trinity Is So Important in the First Place

by J Warner Wallace

I’ve been writing this week about the truth of the triune nature of God, so I thought it might be appropriate to list a few reasons why this doctrine (commonly called the Trinity) is so important. It is certainly true that according to the claims of Christianity, salvation actually requires the triune God of the Bible. As believers, our redemption is originated by the Father (see Galatians 4:4), achieved through His Son (see 1 Peter 3:18), and then applied by the Spirit (see Titus 3:5). Every member of the Trinity has a role to play. But there are a few other reasons why the Trinity is important to those of us who call ourselves Christians:

The Trinity Accounts for the Description of Evidence
The Bible describes the existence of one true God, yet also attributes the characteristics of this God to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit individually. The Biblical evidence requires us to seek a solution that acknowledges the singularity of God while respecting the Deity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For this reason, the Trinity is not a creative whim, it is an effective solution.

The Trinity Accounts for the Derivation of Love
God is love (I John 4:8) and He has been love from all eternity. How could this be possible if God could ever exist without someone to love? Did God create humans so He could experience love? Was this the first time that God experienced relational love of this nature? The Triune nature of God explains why love is…


Why the Trinity Is So Important in the First Place | Cold Case Christianity