Darwin Has Run Out of Time

by Dr. J.C. Sanford

A very significant scientific paper was recently published in the journal Theoretical Biology and Medical Modeling. This paper is entitled; “The Waiting Time Problem in a Model Hominin Population,” and was authored by my colleagues and myself. It was one of the journal’s most highly accessed articles. The article demonstrates that it takes an enormously long time to establish even the simplest “genetic word” (string of genetic letters) within a genome. It turns out that there is simply not enough time for any meaningful Darwinian evolution to happen.

Historically, Darwin-defenders have argued that time is their hero. They have claimed that given enough time, any evolutionary scenario is feasible. They have consistently maintained that given millions of years, any amount of new information can arise by the Darwinian process of mutation/selection.

Careful analysis of what is required to establish even a single genetic word within an organism’s genome proves just the opposite. In a pre-human population, even given tens of millions of years, there is not enough time to create the genetic equivalent of a simple word. Even given 100 billion years (much more than the age of the universe), there is not enough time to establish the genetic equivalent of a simple sentence. This profound problem is lethal to Darwinian theory.

The book Genetic Entropy (book website)previously outlined the waiting time problem (for example see 2014 edition, chapter 9, page 133-136). The calculations in Genetic Entropy, as well as the calculations published by others (Behe, Snoke, Axe, Gauger et al.), all demonstrate the same basic problem as the linked paper. This newest publication has accomplished independent validation (by a totally different method) of the conclusions found in Genetic Entropy and the previous work by Behe and others.

The new paper examines the waiting time problem in a new way. It employs state-of-the-art, rigorous, comprehensive numerical simulation programming to empirically document the time required to create a specific string of mutations (instead of employing mathematical approximations). These experiments realistically enact the establishment of short genetic words within a realistic model hominin population, and demonstrate in a new, clearer, and more compelling way that the waiting time problem is real…


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