If God Would _______

by Roger Browning

It didn’t take long searching the most intellectual sites on the internet[i] to find a heading, “What would it take for you to believe?”. This particular atheist web-source had countless personalities weighing in on the perceived short-comings of God, and why their particular worldview was far more intellectually responsible than that of their counterparts. As I scanned through the list, I couldn’t help notice that all the responses—though uniquely worded—came down to the same three things. Well, most of the responses. Several, like those of G.P., responded this way, “There isn’t any possible evidence that can make factually inaccurate claims true, or make the illogical logical. There isn’t any possible new evidence that can come along and make 2 plus 2 equal 5.”

For people like G.P., their mind is made up. He (or she), ultimately rest (comfortably, I presume) in the ignorance of being all-knowledgeable about all things. But for others, their minds are not made up. While they are assured their atheistic perspective is true, they are willing to concede provided God do something only God could do. Here are a few:

  • A Confident Atheist: “if there were any sort of proof that prayers to the Christian god or any other god are answered at better than 50/50 chance…”
  • Lee: If he appeared to me, not in a dream or a drunken state, but face to face…”
  • A. Robinson: “I would hold out for a demonstration of some sort that would be clearly impossible for anyone but a God to perform…I would suggest that, say, 1000 stars that are visible to the naked eye be relocated within a few hours so that they form the message ‘I AM.’…

These three perspectives fairly well depict all the accounts I found (note: I didn’t look very long before they started repeating). Most atheists demand from God: an answered prayer, a personal appearance, or a miracle. If I missed any, please leave a comment below and I will address it. It is my contention to show that God has provided exactly as asked, albeit on His terms—not (y)ours…


If God Would _______ – A Clear Lens