This Conference Tells You Why the Bible is Trust Worthy: An Interview with Corey Miller

by Jonathan Petersen

Is the Bible historically reliable? How does it compare with other ancient texts? These and other questions are the focus of discussions and presentations at The Symposium (#symposiachristi), the annual conference held on the campus of Purdue University by Ratio Christi (@RatioChristi), a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ. This year The Symposium begins February 5.

Bible Gateway interviewed Corey Miller, president/CEO of Ratio Christi.

Explain what The Symposium is and its history.

Corey Miller: The Symposium is an annual event held at Purdue University that draws thousands from the campus, community, and surrounding region, and several thousand more live-stream nationally and around the world. Led by multiple campus ministries and churches, its purpose is to explore and debate some of the most probing questions about faith, reason, and life via panel discussions, lectures, and debates.

Who are this year’s speakers and what is the theme?

Corey Miller: The keynote speaker is Daniel B. Wallace, President of the Evangelical Theological Society, whose keynote live-streaming talk among his other talks over the weekend will be “How Badly has the Bible been Corrupted?”

Few people in the world possess the knowledge of the manuscript evidence vis-a-vis the New Testament. The conference theme this year is The Book that Changed the World: No Longer Relevant? No Longer Reliable? All the breakout and plenary sessions are by professors, pastors, and parachurch ministers whose sessions will focus on the relevancy and trustworthiness of the Bible over time and in today’s climate (for example, relevance to human sexuality, science, history, philosophy, the university, modern medicine, etc.)

Why is it important for people to gather to hear whether the Bible is “no longer relevant or reliable”?

Corey Miller: The most memorized Bible verse is John 3:16. We are asked to believe the man. The man is in the book. But what if people don’t believe the book or fail to understand its message?

There’s an unholy alliance gathered in opposition to the truth of biblical Christianity. Whether it’s naturalism in the sciences or post modern relativism in the humanities, the Bible and its truth claims are under assault like never before in its history in the universities and in the media. Providing an apologetic (rational defense) for its historical trustworthiness is not an option in our current climate if its message is to be embraced…


This Conference Tells You Why the Bible is Trust Worthy: An Interview with Corey Miller | Bible Gateway Blog