Words Mean Something

by Dr. Everett Piper

It may seem a bit pedantic, but words mean something. They have definitions. Words like green and gay, left and right, change and choice, right and wrong, up and down, good and evil, male and female, moral and immoral—all words mean something. As thinking human beings and thoughtful moral agents, we know what the definition of “is” is, and we also intuitively know something else very important: changing and manipulating the meaning of words is called lying and lies inevitably bear negative consequences. As we are told by the prophet Isaiah, “woe unto him who calls evil good and good evil, darkness light and light darkness, bitter sweet and sweet bitter…” Lying about words and with words – turning them upside down – is always wrong. As self-evident as it should be to all of us, I remind you today—Words mean something!

Many who stand against us in the fight for religious freedom do so in the name of “tolerance.” But is their objection really tolerant? When the say they can’t tolerate your intolerance, that they hate you hateful people, that they are sure nothing is sure, that they know nothing can be known, and that they’re absolutely confident that there are no absolutes; it makes your head spin. It is as if we are watching a dog chase its tail.

This is refuting nonsense: Pabulum and politics at its worst. It is anything but a principled, cogent argument. Any school boy can see that the premise posed by progressives is really not about tolerance. It never has been. To the contrary, these self-styled advocates of “openness and peace” are really more interested in tyranny and power. At every turn we see them on our campuses, in our courts, and in our culture…


Words Mean Something – Oklahoma Wesleyan University