5 Tips for Young Apologists

by Sean McDowell

It seems strange to be writing a blog with advice for young apologists. After all, I still think of myself as young! There are many ‘seasoned’ apologists I turn to for advice and direction that are much older and more experienced than me (don’t worry, dad, I won’t mention any names!). But since I’m turning 40 this May, I do have some insights for younger apologists that I have learned along the way

1. Love Jesus above all

As an apologist, I’m guessing you love to reason, debate, and study. These are all good things! But in the midst of studying the Bible to defend it, it’s easy to forget to read it for personal understanding and growth. Like the church in Ephesus (Revelation 2:4), it is easy to lose our first love. If you want to be an effective apologist, be sure your apologetics and evangelism comes from a deep love for people and for the Lord. While it is important to spend time honing our apologetics skills, always be attentive that it is not drawing you away from Jesus.

2. Study and do your homework

For the past few years I have been following dozens of apologetics blogs. While there are some blogs that are truly excellent, it is unfortunate how many apologists read only one side of an issue, fail to cite their sources, and get their facts wrong. We all make mistakes at times (I certainly have), but as apologists we should do our homework and be sure we present the best case possible. James, the brother of Jesus, said that God holds teachers to a higher standard (James 3:1). As apologists, we are teachers for the church. Many people take what we say as ‘gospel’. Thus, we need to get it right. If you want to be an effective apologist, then go the extra mile and do your homework. In fact, if you really want to hone your apologetics skills…


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