A Different Kind of Feeding Program

by Rice Broocks

For years I have been able to help feed the hungry both in the United States and in various parts of the world . The images of starving children are too overwhelming to ignore. There are many incredible ministries that are giving food and hope to desperate people in dire circumstances. This is no less a part of our apologetic task. Our love for our neighbors in need calls us into action.

Without taking away from these types of programs I want to highlight for a moment a different kind of feeding program. This one feeds the mind of thousands of people everyday with the evidence that God exists and that the Christian faith is indeed true. I’m speaking of the ministry of “The Poached Egg.

I’ve met Greg West and have a deep appreciation for all the hard work he does in sorting through the tsunami of information that is available and reposting the best articles and blogs that deal with critical areas of evidence surrounding the defense of the faith. On a almost a daily basis I view something from The Poached Egg that helps me keep up to speed in the various areas that being an apologist requires you to be familiar with.

I decided that this was minimally worth $1 per day to keep this important ministry going. The $30 a month I send isn’t that much but if matched by hundreds of others who benefit as I do from this site, it will allow them to expand their efforts and add much needed staff to assist them. So if you have been blessed by this website, Twitter feed, and/or Facebook page, then join me by clicking this link here and help give thousands of people these intellectually nourishing poached eggs every day!


rice-broocksDr. Rice Broocks

Evangelist, pastor, and author of: God’s Not Dead: Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty and
Man, Myth, Messiah: Answering History’s Greatest Question,
and founder of the evangelism/apologetics tool, The God Test.