The Empty Tomb of Jesus : A True Story?

by Mikel Del Rosario

Have you seen the new movie, Risen? It’s all about how a Roman soldier named Clavius was ordered to find Jesus’ body after it went missing shortly after the crucifixion. Although this movie is fiction, the premise is based on a true story: The story of Jesus’ empty tomb.

Most historians and New Testament scholars actually agree that Jesus’ tomb was found empty by his women followers. Still, many of our skeptical friends have their doubts. Was the tomb really empty?

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get a lot of questions about the empty tomb of Jesus around Easter time because of something my skeptical relatives may have seen on TV or online. How can we respond to people who say we shouldn’t trust the stories about Jesus’ empty tomb in the Bible?

Talking About the Empty Tomb of Jesus

Is the Empty Tomb a True Story?

Today, we live in a society where the Bible isn’t often seen as the answer. Rather, the Bible is often the question in the minds of many people. Some want to know if there are good reasons to believe what the Bible says about Jesus’ empty tomb. But saying something like “It’s true because it’s in the Bible,” doesn’t help a lot of the time. That’s why we need to show our skeptical friends not that it’s true because it’s in the Bible, but that it’s in the Bible because it’s actually true.

There’s a big difference there. Approaching our friends for whom the Bible isn’t seen as an authority like this is one way to be more generous and loving in our spiritual conversations.

In this post, I’ll share a few talking points you can use in conversations about the historicity of Jesus’ empty tomb. Is there any historical evidence that suggests Jesus was buried? What’s the ancient data that supports the idea that women found Jesus’ tomb empty?


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