How do You Motivate People to Care about Apologetics? Part 1

by Sean McDowell

Today is the official release of my newest book A New Kind of Apologist. One of the unique chapters, written by my friend Mark Mittelberg, is about how to motivate people in the church to care about apologetics. Enjoy part 1 below, in which Mark focuses on equipping church leaders. Part 2 will be about motivating church members.

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By Mark Mittelberg:

How can we help more and more Christians catch the infectious spirit that we’ve already caught? What can we do to motivate our brothers and sisters in Christ to “be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks… with gentleness and respect”?

Let’s look at some ways we can motivate several different groups of people: church leaders, church members, parents and grandparents, and students. Then we’ll end by discussing what should motivate us to do all of this.

Motivating Church Leaders to “Give an Answer”

Whether or not you’re a leader in your church, a key to helping any congregation reach its evangelistic and apologetic potential is helping its top leaders, especially the senior pastor, to increasingly adopt and live out these values in their own lives.

There’s no getting around the axiom: Speed of the leader, speed of the team. People don’t do what the leaders sayas much as they do what the leaders do. That’s why evangelist and apologist Lee Strobel says that senior leaders invariably “set the evangelistic high-water mark” for their church or ministry.

As Jesus explained in Luke 6:40: “The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.”

So how can we “lead up,” helping those who shepherd our churches to set the bar high in these areas? Here are some ideas…


How do You Motivate People to Care about Apologetics? Part 1 – Sean McDowell