If You’re A Christian Parent, You Need to Read This Book

by J Warner Wallace

When Natasha Crain, the author of the popular blog, ChristianMomThoughts.com, first told me about her idea for a book, I knew I had to do whatever I could to help her make it a reality. Why? Because Natasha understood what was at stake: the next generation of believers.

As a Christian blogger, she had been engaging skeptics and aggressive atheists for some time, and as a Christian parent of three young children, she had been readying her kids for the skepticism she experienced online. Natasha took this mission seriously. She devoured every apologetics book she could get her hands on, and now, she’s written one of her own. If you’re a Christian parent, you need to read this book, whether you’re interested in Christian “apologetics” or not.

Keeping Your Kids On God’s Side is a book whose time has definitely come. Most of us, as parents, have a growing sense of urgency as we watch our culture slip from its Christian foundation. We know we should do something, but we’re not quite sure how to begin. Natasha’s new book will get you started. Based on her experience interacting with skeptics online, Natasha has developed and outlined forty “faith conversations” every family needs to have now. Her book will introduce you to the important apologetics issues all of us must master as parents, and it will help you answer the questions your kids will inevitably ask.

The book is organized in five sections (with eight conversations each):

Conversations About God
Conversations About Truth and Worldview
Conversations About Jesus
Conversations About the Bible
Conversations About Science

Natasha provides more than enough material to equip you with the information you’ll need to have these important conversations, and she also offers insightful tips to help you have more meaningful interaction with your kids…


If You’re A Christian Parent, You Need To Read This Book | Cold Case Christianity