There Are No Good People in Heaven

by Arthur Khachatryan

Of those who believe in heaven, most people think they are deserving of it. Most people think of themselves as good people. They believe that they will find themselves in heaven one day because, compared to all the wicked people, like Hitler and Stalin, they have not murdered millions of people; that they try to do good, and not hurt anyone. But is this the barometer that God uses as a “ticket” to heaven? It may likely come as a surprise to many that it is not, at least not within Christian theology. In other words, if Christianity is true, then there is an entirely different way in which heaven becomes our “destination.”

Now first, let’s establish one thing – for there to be anything meaningful to say about moral laws and duties, we have to take a small step back. Imagine a culture whose populace is so wicked that a more “civilized” culture (by the popular understanding) looking inside, would think it to be pure evil. What are they doing? They are comparing the “evil” culture with their own, which would go to show the various levels of depravity. But nothing would prohibit the people within that “evil” culture to individually compare their deeds within the context of the acts solely within their culture, and think themselves to be relatively good. The problem, of course, is that when we make relativist comparisons, anyone can be relatively good or relatively evil. To be good within that reality, one would simply need to find others who are less “good.”

One of the issues is that God’s moral law is not relative; it is absolute, objective, fixed, and applies to everyone in the same manner. God is essentially the measuring stick by which moral actions can be evaluated objectively. Without this measuring stick, everyone can be relatively good and relatively evil, it just depends on others around them. In other words, it makes moral actions completely relative, which would be a big problem. So then, if God is the measuring stick, who is good enough to qualify for heaven? No one! No one is good enough, can ever be good enough, can ever earn such goodness so as to earn their way to heaven no matter how much of what we understand to be “good” deeds we do. This doctrine is one of the most important points revealed to us in the pages of Scripture – that no one is truly good…


There Are No Good People in Heaven