Christian Apologetics QuotesMost ordinary people we meet still maintain beliefs that depend on absolute truth. Even people who verbally endorse postmodernism and preach relativism do not live consistently with this philosophy. It’s easy to tout moral relativism at a party or in online discussions—or in the ivory tower of academia—but in the real world most people still think and behave in terms of moral absolutes and still accept the trustworthiness of logic and reason in most areas of life. This isn’t hard to demonstrate; it’s a matter of asking questions that helps postmodernists to realize that in fact they do think and behave as if absolute truth does exist. — Dan Story (from, Is Traditional Apologetics Useful in Today’s Postmodern World?)

Christian Apologetics QuotesIn the contemporary world where there is a strong current of postmodern relativism…Many people are far more interested in their own feelings, or what “works for them”, than in the question of what is actually true. But there is a price to be paid for rejecting the truth.— John Lennox (from, Against the Flow: The Inspiration of Daniel in an Age of Relativism)

Christian Apologetics QuotesThe apostles’ approach to spreading the message of the Gospel is characterized by such terms as “apologeomai/apologia” which means “to give reasons, make a legal defense” (Acts 26:2; 2 Tim. 4:16; 1 Pet 3:15); “dialegomai” which means “to reason, speak boldly” (Acts 17:2; 17; 18:4; 19:8), “peíthō” which means to persuade, argue persuasively” (Acts 18:4; 19:8), and “bebaioō ” which means “to confirm, establish,” (Phil 1:7; Heb. 2:3). Not much has changed from the first century. As long as we follow the apostles example, we will realize  there is  no need to separate evangelism and apologetics. They go hand in hand. — Eric Chabot (from, Why Evangelism and Apologetics Can’t Be Separated)

Christian Apologetics QuotesIf I had inquired, I would have found the Bible was nothing like I thought it was. I would have encountered Saint Paul’s forthright declaration that Christianity is based on the historical, witnessed events of Christ’s death and Resurrection. I would have discovered that theology and philosophy offered thoughtful, complex answers to my questions, not a simplistic appeal to blind faith. I would have realized that the art, literature, and music that moved me most deeply was grounded in a Christian understanding of the world.— Dr. Holly Ordway (from, Not God’s Type)

Christian Apologetics QuotesMan is obviously made to think. It is his whole dignity and his whole merit; and his whole duty is to think as he ought. Now, the order of thought is to begin with self, and with its Author and its end. Now, of what does the world think? Never of this, but of dancing, playing the lute, singing, making verses, running at the ring, etc., fighting, making oneself king, without thinking what it is to be a king and what to be a man. — Blaise Pascal (from, Pascal’s Pensees)

Christian Apologetics QuotesWhen I left home with 600+ hours of church tucked safely under my belt, I truly didn’t know what to do with my faith, other than continue to wear the Christian label and bide my time as a good person until I was zapped up to heaven someday. Those hundreds of hours hadn’t taught me what it means to actually see all of life differently than someone who didn’t believe in Jesus; I had no idea what it meant to have a Christian worldview. — Natasha Crain (from, Why Your Kids Can Spend 600-Plus Hours in Church and Not Get Much Out of It)

Christian Apologetics QuotesThe tendency to sacrifice truth for comfort seems practically hardwired into our psyches. In saying this, I need look no further than my own past to see how often I sacrificed truth on the altar of my own comfort. As a Muslim, I did not want to admit that the gospel was true, that Jesus is who the Bible claims he is, because doing so would cost me dearly…In the opening pages of his classic work Mere Christianity, [CS]Lewis makes an insightful comment about the tension between our pursuit of truth and our desire for comfort: “If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end: if you look for comfort, you will not get either comfort or truth—only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin with and, in the end, despair.” — Abdu Murray (from, Grand Central Question: Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews)

Christian Apologetics QuotesBy all means, reject Christianity because you have examined the evidence and concluded that it is false. But don’t walk away because you are rebelling at a deeper level and merely hiding behind the fig leaf of bad arguments. For if your self-deceit runs that deep, I suggest you need something more potent than even the most skilled of psychologists can offer you. — Andy Bannister (from, The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist)

Christian Apologetics QuotesEven if one gives up the concept of God, there are quite a few recognized immaterial things that one has to str
uggle with. Things such as thought, truth, logic, morality, purpose, and justice become a real problem if the universe is simply material. One could say that these things are imaginary, but then they would have to explain the immaterial construct of imagination.
— Joel Furches (from, Christ-Centered Apologetics: Sharing the Gospel with Evidence)

Christian Apologetics QuotesWe as Christians must know what we believe and we must believe these things with strength and confidence. It is not wrong to feel, but it is not enough. Feelings will not sustain us when the world turns against us. Feelings will not sustain us when enemies rise up to oppose our faith. Feelings will not sustain us in the face of compelling arguments against the Bible, against creation, against the resurrection. Only strong convictions grounded upon well-formed thoughts will be enough in that day. In fact, only strong convictions grounded upon well-formed thoughts are enough for this day. — Tim Challies (from, I Feel I Think I Believe)

Christian Apologetics QuotesI think that far from counting as evidence against God’s existence, evil actually provides evidence for God. How? Evil is when things aren’t the way they are supposed to be or are the way they aren’t supposed to be. You can’t have real evil without there being a real way things are and are not supposed to be. But, again, this distinction is clear to me if there is a God. But if God does not exist, things just are. There is no way that things are supposed to be. Stuff happens and that’s the end of the matter. — JP Moreland (from, Love Your God with All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul)

Christian Apologetics QuotesAt some point in the validation of every truth claim or hypothesis, a leap of faith is an inescapable ingredient. At the foundation of every human search for understanding and truth, including the scientific search, an ineradicable element of trust is present. If you find yourself doubting what I have just said, it is only because, at this very moment, you trust your own mind enough to express concern about my assertion. You cannot avoid trusting your intellectual capacity, even when you are in doubt. Moreover you raise your critical questions only because you believe that truth is worth seeking. Faith in this sense, and not in the sense of wild imaginings and wishful thinking, lies at the root of all authentic religion – and science. — John Haught (cited in God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? by John Lennox)