Why Should Christians Be More Like Donald Trump?

Defending Truth Apologetics

Donald Trump is by no means a moral hero.  I would not even actually vote for him if I was American, (unless it was him or Hillary). He is definitely not the wisest, most gentle man to walk the earth (Political commentator Ben Shapiro describes him as a fat lion that eventually eats your face off once you poke him too many times).  As Christians though, I think we can learn a lot from Donald Trump in one area: He is not paralyzed by political correctness, and many Christians are.

Public discourse in this culture is becoming unbelievably difficult. The chances of being able to logically and honestly discuss an issue that is in any way contentious are slim at best. One of the primary reasons for this in my opinion, is the insistence on political correctness in this culture – an insistence driven many times by an absolute inability to reason or think critically.

It really doesn’t matter what the issue is. As soon as one person (typically a Christian, though not always) steps over the line of political correctness, the conversation is ended, usually due to a barrage of personal attacks directed at the politically incorrect offender (e.g. You are a racist/bigot/homophobe etc..)

This is a troubling development, as it has severely hindered our ability as followers of Christ to share our faith, for fear of being nailed with one of the labels listed above. No one wants to be called a racist, or a bigot, or a homophobe (not even sure I know anyone with an irrational fear of gay people, but anyways..) and so rather than take the risk of being called one of these things, Christians have adopted different – and often ineffective – ways of representing Christ to the culture…


Why Should Christians Be More Like Donald Trump? | DEFENDING TRUTH APOLOGETICS