3 Quick Reflections on Apologetics Worldwide

by Sean McDowell

Apologetics is growing internationally. Today I got an email from a minister in Ethiopia who is starting apologetics training in his country through the local church and national media. In our Biola M.A. Christian Apologetics program, we have students from New Zealand, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Australia, Latin America, and more. A few years ago, when I spoke in Canada, apologetics seemed to be a new venture, and there were little resources “on the ground.” But now there are multiple flourishing apologetics ministries, speakers, and bloggers from Canada who are equipping the church from within.

Recently, I returned from speaking at the first Reasonable Faith conference in Singapore, along with Dr. William Lane Craig and Jose Philip (Ravi Zacharias Ministries). Along with speaking at the conference, I also spoke at a local church, at Nanyang Technological University (NYU), and to the Singapore Cru team—all of whom were amazing hosts. There were about 400 people in the day RF conference and 600 and 800 for the evening sessions. Although apologetics is largely new in Singapore, it seems that it is beginning to take root.

Our conference sponsors seemed very pleased at the local interest and turnout and concluded, “The response to these events has confirmed the great need for apologetics in the church and on the campus in Singapore.”

While there are some unique cultural dynamics in Singapore, the church is largely dealing with many of the same big issues we deal with in the U.S…


3 Quick Reflections on Apologetics Worldwide – Sean McDowell