Author Lee Strobel Makes a Case for ‘God’s Not Dead 2’

by Sheryl Young

Lee Strobel is a New York Times best-selling author of more than twenty books and serves as Professor of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University. His best-known books are the “Case” series – The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and The Case for a Creator, all of which have been made into documentaries. He also holds a Master of Studies in Law degree. With this expertise, Strobel was asked to “testify” as himself in God’s Not Dead 2.

In the movie, a teacher is about to lose her job and is even on trial for mentioning Jesus in her classroom. We’re grateful to our apologetics colleague for taking the time to answer our questions about his role, and why the fictional case is a cause for real-life concern.

RC: What part did being a journalist play, if any, in your moving from atheist to Christian – were you already writing on the topic of whether the Bible and Jesus were real?

LS: I was legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and not really engaged with biblical issues until my wife became a Christian through a neighbor. The changes in my wife’s life and values are what made me begin looking into biblical issues.

RC: As an investigative journalist you probably spent some time in courtrooms. Is it plausible that such issues as the historicity of Jesus are addressed in court?

LS: In God’s Not Dead 2, it becomes an issue whether Jesus really lived and what He did. Conceivably, these questions could be relevant because if He’s a historical figure, which He is, why can’t He be referenced in school like other historical figures? The name of Jesus shouldn’t be outlawed in the public square.

RC: How much of your “witness stand testimony” in the movie came from personal experience – were the “attorney” character’s questions pretty much the same you actually get out in public?

LS: With me, the questions focus in real life as to whether Jesus lived, was He executed, and did people really see Him alive afterward? These are the three main questions open to investigation and which make people question Christianity…


Author Lee Strobel Makes a Case for ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ | Ratio Christi