Each of us has been given the assignment of not only presenting the gospel but also explaining and defending the truths of our message to the world around us. There is plenty of evidence to support what we believe. The Bible reminds us that the good news about Jesus is not just based on human opinion or someone’s personal preference. Christianity is truth, not mere fables or myths (2 Peter 1:16). Romans 1:4 says that Jesus’ resurrection shows He was the unique Son of God. Acts 1:3 says that, after His resurrection, Christ showed He was alive by many undeniable proofs. Christianity is unique in that it is the only faith system based on historical facts that can be thoroughly investigated…In a culture known for its rejection of authority and a cynical “prove it to me” attitude, knowledge of apologetics is vital to young people serious about evangelism. — Alex McFarland (from, Apologetics: Key to Successful Evangelism)