God’s Not Dead 2 Asks All The Right Questions

by Jonathan Morrow

God’s Not Dead 2 will not be nominated at the Academy Awards or win best picture in 2016…but honestly that doesn’t matter. Millions will see it anyway. The PG film directed by Harold Cronk and starring Jesse Metcalfe, Robin Givens, and Sadie Robertson (among others) asks the right questions.

Those who are already committed secularists will find much to dislike about the movie and Christians will find much to cheer. But the most important contribution of this film is that it brings significant and timely questions front and center for this generation to discuss. I hope everyone is paying attention.

Is Religious Liberty Really On Trial in America? Yes…

We live at an interesting time in American history where religious liberty is under attack in the name of tolerance and diversity (Georgia Governor Nathan Deal just vetoed a bill that would have protected the religious liberty of churches, pastors, and non-profits). And Christians are often dismissed as fundamentalists and radicals who are ignorant “faith heads” (we will talk about this misinformed meme below).

To the first question some may think this is the stuff of movies and it allows them to make a point about Christianity. But this is not fiction, it’s reality. Religious liberty is under attack today and people (especially Christians) need to be courageous and stand up for this right for everyone and all faiths. The city of Houston really did ask for pastor’s sermons. Regardless of your faith we need to have the ability to practice it outside of our homes and beyond just our places of worship. It is OK to live it out in the public square. As a country we need to get better at talking to each other about really important questions without relativizing truth on the one hand or demonizing people with whom we disagree on the other. In short, we need to learn the forgotten art of true tolerance and civility…


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