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Christian thinkersThe Need for Apologetics on the Secular University Campus

By Stephen Bedard

For many people, the university is seen as a place where faith goes to die. Excited youth group members graduate from high school and never return to the church. Parents fear to send their children to university because of numerous stories of students leaving the faith after being immersed in a hostile environment.

Such concerns have not gone unnoticed by people in the church. There are answers for the hard questions that students encounter on the university campus. The challenge is to equip those students with the information and resources that are available. That is where Ratio Christi comes in.

Ratio Christi describes its mission in this way: “Ratio Christi is a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ.”

I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Corey Miller, president and CEO of Ratio Christi. Dr. Miller is no stranger to the need for apologetics. He was born as a sixth generation Mormon, his great great great grandfather being a bodyguard of Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of Mormonism.

Dr. Miller, while not a strict Mormon as a child, accepted the Mormon understanding of God. He encountered the Gospel at a Christian camp, where in his words, “I had the hell scared out of me and heaven into me.” Despite family concerns, this led Dr. Miller on quest for truth that included reading both the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Through such investigation, as well as seeing the love of God in Christians, Dr. Miller became a Christian. Apologetics was an important early factor in his confidence in Christianity.

Dr. Miller strongly believes in the importance of a Christian apologetic presence on campus, having experienced intense secular opposition in his own studies. He describes Ratio Christi as a “special ops ministry” on the secular campus to defend the faith and to give reasons for Christian truth…


The Need for Apologetics on the Secular University Campus