The Outrageous Attack on Conservative Christians After the Orlando Massacre

by  Michael Brown

In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, leftist voices are not only blaming conservative Christians for the tragedy, they are now calling on Christians to renounce their sacred beliefs and historic convictions, as if holding to a biblical definition of marriage leads to mass murder.

Not only is this ridiculous and reprehensible. It is also logically absurd.

Consider these alternative scenarios.

Let’s say that, for years, gay activists vilified conservative Christians in the ugliest ways, not only calling us bigots and hypocrites and equating us with Hitler, the Nazis, the Taliban and ISIS, but also saying that we deserve to die, sending us death threats, posting death wishes on social media, and holding up posters at rallies with lines like, “Throw them to the lions!” (For the record, this is not hypothetical. I can document every word of this in sickening detail.)

Then, one Sunday morning, a radical Muslim of Iraqi descent barges into a church service and kills 49 worshipers, injuring 53 others before he is killed.

Are the gay activists to blame or is the radical Muslim to blame?

Obviously, the radical Muslim.

Are the gay activists complicit?

Of course not, despite their hatred and animosity.

What if conservative Christians turned to gay activists and said, “Can’t you see the damage your words have done? Can’t you see that your death threats helped produce this toxic, murderous environment? It’s time that you renounce your homosexuality!”

What would the reaction be from the gay community? One can only imagine.

Now let’s change the scenario a little…


The Outrageous Attack on Conservative Christians After the Orlando Massacre — Charisma News