Bold Evidence is Everywhere for God: Yet ‘Nothing’ is Proof for Atheism

by Mike Robinson

We may say that a living body or organ is well designed if it has attributes that an intelligent and knowledgeable engineer might have built into it in order to achieve some sensible purpose… any engineer can recognize an object that has been designed, even poorly designed, for a purpose (Richard Dawkins).

There’s a plausible case for understanding precisely how a universe full of stuff, like the universe we live in, could result literally from nothing by natural processes. … In particular, nothing is unstable. Nothing can create something all the time due to the laws of quantum mechanics, and it’s – it’s fascinatingly interesting. And what I wanted to do was use the hook of this question, which I think as I say has provoked religious people, as well as scientists, to encourage people to try and understand the amazing universe that we actually live in (Atheist Lawrence Krauss).

It is a jumbled mess, a swamp and a harebrained position, atheist Richard Dawkins’ view on the subject of design.

Dawkins imagines, “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.” No, designed biological creatures are designed. By all means call me Einstein!

“The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design…” It’s all so irrational, bumfuzzled and, for a famous academician, embarrassing. Barba tenus sapientes of philosophy. Mr. Dawkins has been roundly criticized and will change his opinion the moment after he breathes his last breath. Actually to a degree he already has, in his diatribe against religious people. “Religion is not off limits. Religion makes specific claims about the universe, which need to be substantiated. They should be challenged and ridiculed with contempt.” That’s good, not aiming to argue logically, but to seek to ridicule and insult religionists.

When one has no proof, evidence or rational argument, just call people names.

What is astonishing in this moment of wide, multi-abutted attacks is that the atheists have no proof for their view and the foundation for atheism is not only unclear, but such a mystery that many atheists are now claiming “nothing created everything.”


Bold Evidence is Everywhere for God: Yet ‘Nothing’ is Proof for Atheism