A Cold-Case Detective Writes an Apologetics Book for Kids: Interview with J. Warner Wallace

by Sean McDowell

J. Warner Wallace has become one of the most well-known and influential apologists today. As a cold-case detective, and former atheist, he has a unique insight into the prevailing culture and also how to equip people as case makers. He’s written two best-sellers: Cold-Case Christianity and God’s Crime Scene. Both are insightful, interesting, and captivating.

Now, along with his wife Susie, Jim has written a children’s book. And it’s fantastic! Check out Jim’s brief answers to my questions, and then consider getting a copy of Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, which releases October 1.

SEAN MCDOWELL: What inspired you to make a kid’s version of Cold Case Christianity?

J. WARNER WALLACE: Before becoming a pastor, I served as both a Children’s Minister and as a Youth Pastor. Susie and I saw the impact culture had on young Christians, particularly when they left our youth ministry and ventured into the university setting. We also recognized that the challenge began much earlier than most people thought. College-aged Christians often entertain their first doubts as junior high students. For this reason, we’ve always been interested in providing a resource for upper elementary aged kids so they can develop a reasonable Christian faith before they face an increasingly skeptical, secular culture.

MCDOWELL: How is this book different from other kids resources?

WALLACE: There are many great resources on the market, so we wanted to do something different and complimentary. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids (CCC4K) has been written as an interactive experience. CCC4K has an accompanying interactive web Academy, designed to help readers learn good detective skills. Kids will join the three young characters in the book as they begin a Cadet Academy. Readers will be trained by Detective Alan Jeffries and if they watch the videos for each chapter, download and complete the fill-in sheets and activities, they’ll be able to earn an Academy Certificate. This Academy experience was inspired by my own involvement in the Police Explorer Academy as a teenager. Readers of CCC4K will become trained detectives as they investigate the evidence for Jesus.

MCDOWELL: Was it harder or easier to write a kid’s version? What was the toughest part?

WALLACE: This was a long labor of love for Susie and I…


A Cold-Case Detective Writes an Apologetics Book for Kids: Interview with J. Warner Wallace | Sean McDowell