The Tolerance and Tyranny of Ms. Kohn

by Dr. Everett Piper

At a free speech symposium recently held at the University of Missouri, CNN commentator Sally Kohn argued that pro-free speech advocates are merely trying to stifle diversity on our respective college campuses. “If they feel like they can no longer speak [their views], good,” said Kohn. “I’m happy [they feel] under assault,” she concluded.

And, thus, Ms. Kohn proves what too few have been willing to see and and even fewer have been willing to say: Progressive tolerance is really nothing more than a ploy being used by the soldiers of “hope and change” in their quest for unmitigated and unrestrained cultural control. When the balance of power shifts, tolerance will quickly turn to tyranny. These are the leaders of the Left. They are the politicians, professors and pundits who really believe they are the “ones we’ve been waiting for and they are the change we seek.”

They have total confidence (some might suggest arrogance) that they are right (even though up until just yesterday they were quick to condemn everyone else for thinking they were right). They see no need to hide behind pretentions of tolerance any longer, for that would mean some ideas other than their own might actually have merit. There is no need to pretend any longer. They are very open now as to their true agenda…


The Tolerance and Tyranny of Ms. Kohn – Oklahoma Wesleyan University