New Intelligent Design Film Releases Today! Creator Interview

by Sean McDowell

Illustra Media is the premier production company for the creation of video documentaries exploring the scientific evidence for intelligent design. Their movies include Unlocking the Mystery of Life, Darwin’s Dilemma,The Privileged Planet (my personal favorite), and many others. I use these videos regularly in my lectures, teaching, and even with my own kids.

Today, Illustra announces the release of their newest documentary: Origin: Design, Chance, and the First Life on Earth. And as with all their films, it’s fantastic. I recently caught up with one of their producers (and a friend of mine) Lad Allen. He answered a few questions about this project. Please think about getting a copy of Origin for your own library, and also one to pass on to a skeptical friend.

SEAN MCDOWELL: Illustra Media has established itself as the premier creator of films that reveal design in nature. How do you keep coming up with new ideas?

LAD ALLEN: It’s a big universe out there and all of it was designed–so, there’s no shortage of potential subject matter! Over the years, we have worked closely with Discovery Institute and the scientists and scholars who doing the intensive research on intelligent design. We also look for ideas in the media. A good example of this is our trilogy of films called The Design Of Life.

In 2011, we decided to produce three wildlife documentaries that would offer a rebuttal to the BBC, Nova, and National Geographic. I have always appreciated the quality (photography, editing, music) of their films. But almost all of them are based on scientific materialism and Darwinian evolution. Basically, the idea that life of Earth is the product of nothing more than blind, undirected processes. These films attract huge audiences and have enormous impact of the world’s perception of science and life. I mean, anything that looks and sounds that good has to be true…right?

Our objective was to produce high quality documentaries that would explore different facets of the animal kingdom, while presenting a compelling evidence for intelligent design…


New Intelligent Design Film Releases Today! Creator Interview. – Sean McDowell