No, You Don’t Need to Be an Expert

by Isaac Dagneau

I become easily intrigued and fascinated when it comes to apologetic arguments. Whenever I listen to or watch apologists, I often think, “Wow! I definitely didn’t know that!”

For the Christian, apologetics can certainly be an effective source of encouragement in the faith. Yet, I’ve also felt something else: stupid.

I know I’m not the only one who’s felt this way after listening to an apologetic debate or talk. I mean, listen to how well these people know their science, philosophy, and history! You think to yourself, “How on earth do these people know this much!?” Because of the seemingly “great knowledge” these apologists have, it’s easy for us to walk away thinking, “If only I knew what they knew, then I’d be a good Christian,” or “If only I could talk the way they did, then I’d be able to lead people to Jesus.”

Have you ever thought this way?

Let me be the first to relieve you: you do not need to be an expert in all things science, philosophy, and history in order to be a good Christian and lead people to Christ. If you think that way, then you’re putting too much weight on your work, rather than the Spirit’s work.

Let’s briefly look at how to be a good Christian and lead people to Christ.

Firstly, a good Christian obeys that which he or she is sent to. Now, there’s a phrase that many Christians use that sounds something like this: I’m called to the ministry, or, God called her to be a missionary. We think of “calling” as something specific. I’d like to challenge that phrasing, and instead use the word “sent” or “send.” Let me explain. Every Christian is “called” to the same things – obedience, love, discipline, worship, evangelism, etc. Not every Christian is “sent” to the same things. God may send you to the ministry, her to the mission field, and him to janitorial work. A good Christian goes where they’re sent – living out their calling in which all Christians have been called…


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