Q & A with Dr. Craig: God of the Gaps

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Dear Dr. Craig,

Thank you so much for your site. As an opener, I thought I’d share how much you’ve impacted my life, and the “random” (quotes intended) road that led me to you. If hope you’ll answer my question eventually, which is very important to me. You can feel free to share or not share this story as part of the question, but I think the question works just fine as a stand-alone.

About a year ago, I’d have called myself a believer, but intellectually an agnostic. I’d attended an Ivy League school in the 90s, been taught that science and religion were to be kept separate, and that the books of the Bible were all written centuries after the fact by non-witnesses. I “believed”, but if pressed, I’d admit that it was probably a matter of upbringing and Pascal’s Wager that kept me in the camp.

I was having a conversation with a believing friend, and mentioned that the New Testament were third century documents. He corrected me, and told me that I should read Bauckham’s book on the subject. I said “what the heck,” did so, and found it persuasive.

Now, the chronology of what follows is important. It was Christmas, and I asked my Mom to just get me some books off of my Amazon wish list. She sent them to me early because my parents were traveling, and asked that I just put the box on my shelf and open it when my parents arrived for New Years’.

So the box sat, unopened, on my shelf. In the meantime, I told my friend how much I enjoyed Bauckham’s book. He told me if I *really* wanted to get into the history, I should read Wright’s Resurrection and the Son of God. So, I put it on my wish list. This is while the box is sitting on my shelves.

By now, I’m sure you see where it is going. I opened the box when my parents arrived, and, among a number of books on politics and history, Wright’s book was in there…


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