Who Cares What Christianity Teaches if it’s Not Actually True?

by Hillary Morgan Ferrer

One of the most common objections to the faith I hear from college students is in regards to some aspect of Christian teaching or Christian morality that they find offensive. Often, these questions revolve around sexuality. While questions regarding the grounding of Christian morality are important, we have to realize that it ultimately doesn’t matter. . . unless Christianity is true.

You heard that right! I said it doesn’t matter unless Christianity is true! While moral questions still matter from a cultural standpoint, they don’t matter when evaluating the truth claims of Christianity. I was recently talking with a young woman on a flight. She is currently in a university theater program and was struggling with her faith. Her main question was in regards to the homosexuality issue. She had such a tender heart and genuinely didn’t know what to do. Coming from a theater background, she had many friends who were professing homosexuals. And though she was raised in a Christian home, she found herself doubting whether or not she could be a Christian based on what Christianity taught about homosexuality.

She probably expected me to start going into the moral argument for Biblical marriage, listing verse after verse, proving that the Bible condemned homosexuality. What she probably didn’t expect for me to do is completely switch the conversation around and ask her, “Let me ask you an important question first: do you believe that Christianity is true? Do you think that a man named Jesus actually walked on this earth, actually died, and actually, physically rose from the dead? Because if you don’t, why should it matter to you what the Bible says about homosexuality?” She sorta looked at me blankly and shook her head. She had no idea. We spent the rest of the flight discussing that issue. (And spoiler alert: There are good reasons to believe that Christianity is true.)

Her story was one I’ve heard a thousand times before. She had been raised in a Christian home, gone to church her whole life, called herself a Christian, and yet she had no idea if any of the things she had claimed to believe were actually true. Parents, this is a problem…


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